Who is who in the Leadership Team

Ben Holmes – Pastor

Ben is married to Liz, they met in 1996 at an FIEC church holiday near Great Yarmouth. Liz has been at Holbrooks since birth; her grandfather was the pastor here for over 30 years. Ben moved down from
Doncaster in 1999 and became the Pastor in 2009. They have 4 children: Leah, Chloe, Zak and Caleb.

Gary Brooker – Elder

Josh Richardson – Elder

Josh is originally from Glasgow, Scotland but moved to Coventry to marry his beautiful wife, Bryony in 2015. They got married in  July 2016  and God blessed them with their first child Josiah in 2018 and Aylsia in 2020.

Steve Foxwell – Deacon

Steve married to Louise serving together in the Church Sunday School, and is one of the Deaconate, and serves on the music team. 

Jonathan Tosh – Deacon

Jonathan is married to Bev and they have 2 grown up children; Robbie (who is married to Katie) and Heather. They have been fellowshipping at Holbrooks since emmigrating from South Africa in 2006. Jonathan has been a deacon since 2017.

Chris Hill – Deacon

Chris is married to Esther and they have three daughters, Sophie, Alice  and Eliza. They have been at Holbrooks since 2012. In his spare time Chris conducts a choir and enjoys playing the piano.

Steve Cook – Deacon

Steve is married to Mandy and have 3 grown up children. He’s been at Holbrooks most of his life except for a short time he moved away. Steve is a full time worker with Open Air Mission. At Holbrooks he’s involved with the children’s meetings on Fridays.

Andy White  – Deacon

Andy has been in the Holbrooks Fellowship for the last five years. Andy is married to Amy, where they met at Bournemouth University. 


Parkgate Road, Holbrooks,
Coventry, CV6 4DG

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