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Ladies Conference (Posted 21st February, 2017)

Sian BakerSian Baker

We are holding a Ladies Conference on Saturday, 13th May 2017 with Sian Baker from Lansdowne Church, Bournemouth as our guest speaker.

Sian is married to Peter, the Minister of Lansdowne Church.  She has 2 daughters and is thoroughly enjoying her relatively new role as a grandmother.  With a background in media, she worked part time as a radio producer at BBC Wales for many years but more recently has been part of the staff at the church. She appreciates a good book, great music and a long walk on the beach..

The event is free and runs from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm with lunch provided.  Please email us to let us know if you are planning to attend to assist us with our catering arrangements. 


Men's Conference (posted 24th September, 2016)

David RobertsonDavid Robertson

On Saturday, 8th October, Holbrooks is holding a Men's Conferene and our guest speaker is David Robertson.

David is the minister of St Peter's Free Church in Dundee, Scotland (a church that is best known for being the church of Robert Murray McCheyne).  He is author of 'Awakening' (a contemporary account of McCheyne's life).  He writes regularly for The Scotsman and Christianity Today.

David enjoys reading prolifically and playing chess.  David is married to Annabel and they have three children, Andrew, Becky and Emma Jane.

The event is free and runs from 10.00 am to 3.00pm with lunch provided. Please email:  if you plan to attend to assist us with our catering arrangements.


Camp Canaan 2016 (Posted 23rd October, 2016)

Camp Canaan 2016Camp Canaan 2016

We have recently held our 27th camp at Talybont in Wales. Almost eighty camped on the main campsite with a group from Blackpool camping on an adjacent site and joining us during the day.

Camp is always fun, we all enjoy the fellowship and being together but more importantly camp is about the Bible ministry.  Chris Rees and Mervyn Neal were our speakers over the five days and their ministry was both challenging, encouraging and a great blessing to everyone.  One of the highlights was that two of our campers were baptised in the river adjoining the site.

Although quite a few weeks have passed since camp we continue to look to the Lord to prosper His word in each of our lives. 


Baptism Service (Posted 9th March, 2016)

On Sunday, 28th February, a further three people were baptised publicly professing their personal faith in Jesus Christ.  Once again each of the candidates gave a testimony acknowledging that Jesus was their Lord and Saviour.

Ben spoke on the three parables found in Matthew 13:44-49 that if Jesus is the One that we treasure above all then, when He returns, we will live with him for eternity but for a life without Christ, there will be eternal separation.

Ben's message is available for download under the Audio tab - latest sermons.

Baptism Service (Posted 09/02/2016)

On Sunday, 17th January, we held a baptism service where nine people publicly professed their personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by being baptised.  The church was full to overflowing with regulars, family and friends who had come to see and hear why each one wanted to be baptised.  Each of the candidates gave a testimony acknowledging that Jesus Christ had died for their sins and that He was now their Lord and Saviour.

Our Pastor, Ben Holmes, spoke on a passage in Acts 16:25-34 but more particularly verse 31, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved".  He explained how each of those being baptised had come to that point in their lives of recognising they were sinners and that Jesus Christ had died for them.

Ben's message is available for download under the Audio tab - Latest sermons.

New Time Set To Stay (Posted 29/09/2015)

The Sunday service time of 10.30am is set to stay after a successful trial period.  Many have enjoyed staying behind to have tea, coffee and fellowship combined with getting to know new visitors after the morning service.

Men's Conference (Posted 11/09/2015)

We are holding a Men's Conference on Saturday, 17th October, 2015 with Gavin Peacock as our guest speaker.

Gavin is a husband to Amanda and father to Jake and Ava.  He is also a pastor at Calvary Grace Church of Calgary and the Director of International Outreach for CBMW.  Gavin was born in Kent, England where he played professional football for 18 years.  He was converted to Christ at age 18 and was used by God to bear witness to the gospel throughout his career.  However, in 2006 God called him to pastoral ministry.  He holds a MACS.

The event is free and runs from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm with lunch provided.  Please email us to let us know if you are planning to attend to assist us with our catering arrangements.

Ladies Conference (Posted 17/03/2015)

We are hosting a Ladies Conference on Saturday, 9th May 2015 with Sarah Allen from Hope Church, Huddersfield as our guest speaker.

Sarah studied English at Cambridge where she met her husband Lewis.  After graduation and marriage she taught in a sixth form college. Ministry and babies followed and now Sarah divides her time between her husband, five children, church ministry, teaching and writing.  In her free time she likes to read.

The event is free and runs from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm with lunch provided.  Please email us to let us know if you are planning to attend to assist us with our catering arrangements.

Christmas Carol Service (Posted 07/12/2014)
Our 2014 Carol Service by candlelight will be held Sunday 21st December at 6.30pm followed by refreshments.  All welcome and please invite friends and family.
New Sunday Meeting Time (Posted 07/12/2014)
From Sunday 11th January 2015 we plan to move the morning service from 11:00 am to 10:30 am with refreshments being served afterwards. Initially we will trial this for 6 months with the intention of it becoming a permanent fixture. There are a number of reasons why this will enhance church life. Below are listed some of the main points/reasons.

• New service time 10:30—@11:45 am followed immediately by tea and coffee served in the foyer.
• Our Sunday morning meeting is growing. There are a number of people who come along and have no other contact with the church and we are currently failing to get to know these people. We want to get to know them and where possible integrate them into the fellowship.
• This gives an opportunity to engage with and witness to visitors/newcomers rather than them leaving immediately after the service.
• It is an opportunity for fellowship amongst regulars, especially for those who can only get on a Sunday morning.
• An earlier start and finish makes it easier for young families and those that have to get home for lunch, and also those who come to Sunday School/Bible class.
• Everybody (most of us) love a cuppa and a chat.
• Help is needed to prepare tea and coffee on Sunday mornings. This will involve being here early to set up and serving drinks/washing up afterwards. This is an opportunity to serve. Maybe you want to be involved in serving in some way and don’t quite know how...this is a simple, but important service and the more help we get the better, so if possible please put your name down to help.
Men's Conference (Posted 04/10/2014)

Lewis AllenLewis Allen

We are hosting a men’s conference on Saturday 22nd November 2014 with Lewis Allen from Hope Church, Huddersfield as our guest speaker.

The event is free and runs from 10am until 3pm with lunch provided. Please email us to let us know if you are coming to assist us with our catering arrangements

Lewis is married to Sarah and they have five children, and a home and garden full of animals. In 2010 the Allen family left London where Lewis had been serving for over 12 years as the Pastor of Gunnersbury Baptist Church. Lewis is interested in various sports, including football and fly-fishing, is a Board Member of the London Theological Seminary and the Assistant Director of the Christian Ministry Training Course.

Christmas Carol Service (Posted 01/12/2013)

Mens Conference (Posted 20/10/2013)

Our Speaker - Ray EvansOur Speaker - Ray Evans


On Saturday 19th October we held a regional men’s conference at Holbrooks. The speaker was Ray Evans from Grace Community Church in Bedford. We had a wonderful time with about 100 men in attendance. There was 3 sessions starting from 10am to 3pm. The subject was "Man in relation to God, Church and Life". It was a time of great fellowship, excellent singing, fantastic food (prepared by the ladies of the church) and challenging ministry.

Click this link to download the session messages as soon as they become available.

Camp Canaan 2013 (Posted 25/08/2013)

Andy Millership & Sam GordonAndy Millership & Sam Gordon

We have all just returned from our annual church camp at Talybont, just north of Barmouth in North Wales.  Sam Gordon spoke on the book of Jonah in the mornings and Andy Millership preached the gospel in the evenings focussing on who God is. 

There was 71 of us on camp this year and we all had great fun, food and fellowship together.

Click this link to see photos of this years camp.

Christianity Explored 2012 (Posted 07/01/2013)
 From October - November 2012 we ran an informal course where people could come along and have questions answered about the Christian faith as we worked through Mark's Gospel. We are planning to do this again and if you are interested please contact our pastor  
Baptism (Posted 26/05/2012)

Christian is baptised by our pastor BenChristian is baptised by our pastor Ben

On Sunday 13th May one our students, Christian was baptised.  We have had a steady group of students coming from Coventry University over the last 2 years who have been a great encouragement to us.

Baptism May 2012 (Christian 1.jpg)

Camp Canaan (Posted 29/08/2011)

The Camp Speakers - George Platt and Vincent TraceyThe Camp Speakers - George Platt and Vincent Tracey

We have just returned from a blessed camp at Camp Canaan.  Vincent Tracey preached in the mornings on the book of Hebrews and George Platt in the evenings taking us through the story of the whole Bible.  This year was a record year with almost 90 people joining us, there was a wonderful atmosphere and undoubtedly some lives were touched by our Saviour.  Please pray that He will conyinue to work in their lives.


Ladies Conference (Posted 16/07/2011)

Kath PatersonKath Paterson

We are hosting a ladies conference on Saturday 15th October 2011 with Kath Paterson as the guest speaker.

The event is free and runs from 10am until 3pm with lunch provided.  Please email us to let us know if you are coming to help with catering.

Kath and her husband Andy live in inner city Bristol and have been in pastoral ministry at Kensington Baptist Church for over 23 years. Their daughter is married and their son will be getting married in October. Kath is involved in women's ministry work inside and outside Kensington; supporting local Somali and Roma families through literacy work and practical involvement; and working as a local school governor and ‘reading buddy’. Kath enjoys walking or cycling with Andy but to chill out she opts for card making.

100th Anniversary Review (Posted 16/07/2011)

Stuart Olyott PreachingStuart Olyott Preaching

100 Years of Gospel Ministry.  This was our theme at Holbrooks Evangelical Church, Coventry when we joined for a special weekend of thanksgiving and praise for the Lord’s goodness to us over 100 years.

 The first of our services was held on Saturday, 11th June, when approximately 200 members, friends and guests were welcomed by our Pastor, Ben Holmes.  This was followed by a time of informal fellowship which gave an opportunity for many to renew fellowship with past members and friends, some of whom had travelled long distances to be with us.

 For the main meeting we were privileged to have Stuart Olyott as our guest speaker and his message based on 2 Thessalonians 2:13 was “What is true Christianity”.  Stuart Olyott was also our speaker at the Lord’s Day services when we continued in our weekend of thanksgiving for the Lord’s goodness to us. 

There was also an opportunity to watch a visual presentation and browse a comprehensive photographic display depicting the history of the church which was founded in 1911 under the ministry and pastorate of Rev. George Wickes. The first church building was a corrugated metal structure with a congregation of twenty adults together with their families. In 1928 a wooden canteen was purchased from the local Dunlop factory due to the growing congregation.

In 1940, the church had a visit from the evangelist, Roy Hession.  Many people were converted and after his visit, God worked in transforming power and many lives were changed.  By this time Ivor Owens was one of the deacons and was called to be the full time pastor in 1947.  His ministry spanned over thirty years with many of the present congregation converted during this period.    

 Work commenced on the present building in March 1969 on a plot of land donated by one of the church members.  Much of the work was undertaken by members and friends of the church and the new church was opened in 1970 with Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaching the first sermon.  In 2010, a major refurbishment and extension link of the church was carried out and we are now enjoying the benefits of this today. 

 Throughout 100 years of proclaiming Jesus Christ, men, women, boys and girls have been rescued from sin, restored and strengthened by hearing the good news that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.  Our prayer is that we will never lose this focus and continue to preach the glorious truth that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. 

Please click this link to see photo's of the event

100th Anniversary

The Church in 1911The Church in 1911

This year we celebrate our church 100th Anniversary with a special meeting arranged for Saturday 11th June at 6pm when Stuart Olyott will be our guest speaker.

The event starts at 3pm with a buffet tea and power point presentation before the main meeting at 6pm - all are welcome.  Stuart Olyott will also be preaching at our Sunday services at 11am and 6.30pm on 12th June. 

We have also produced a 100 page book containing over 60 photographs documenting the history of Holbrooks Evangelical Church over the past 100 years which we hope to have  available on the day.

 A number of old friends have already indicated they will be coming, we hope to see many more, please join us as we celebrate a 100 years of His work at Holbrooks.

Camp Reunion (Posted 02/05/2011)

We are holding a special Camp reunion event on 14th May 2011 for all camps from 1990 until the present day.  The event is part of our 100 years church celebrations.  The event is also combined with a Mother & Tots reunion.

 Please click this link for more information

Baptisms (Posted 29/11/2010)

The baptismal candidatesThe baptismal candidates

On Sunday 21st November we held a baptismal service for 6 of our attendees who expressed their faith in Christ and were baptised.  The candidates were Barbara, Louis, Sarah-Louise, Lydia, Richard and Tom.  It was lovely to see our church full with many visitors and our pastor Ben Holmes clearly preached the Gospel.


Ladies Conference (Posted 29/11/2010)

On Saturday 20th November 2010  we held a special ladies conference at our church.  Sian Owens from South Wales was the speaker and about 120 ladies came representing 20 different churches from across the East and West Midlands.

Bethel Christian Bookshop from Leicester kindly brought a bookstall to the event .

 Ladies Day 2010 (Ladies day3.jpg)

 The men of the church prepared the food for the event.

Ladies Day 2010 (Ladies day1.jpg)

There was time for the ladies to have fellowship.

Ladies Day 2010 (Ladies day2.jpg)

Harvest Meal (Posted 15/11/2010)

On Sunday 24th October we celebrated harvest with own pastor Ben Holmes as our speaker.  After the morning meeting we all sat down in the church hall and had a hot fellowship meal together.


Camp Canaan 2010 (Posted 02/10/2010)

At the end of August the Camp Canaan was held in Talybont in North Wales.  About 75 were present, many from our own church, joined also by friends from Doncaster, Measham, Wales and Swindon.  Vincent Tracey from Blackpool ministered to us in the morning and Martyn Owens gave the gospel in the evenings.  We all had a great time of fellowship together, great fun, wonderful food, the atmosphere was terrific and we had challenging ministry.


Ben Holme's Induction (Posted 10/07/2010)

Our new Pastor with all those involved in the serviceOur new Pastor with all those involved in the service

Our new minister Ben Holmes induction service was held at our church on Saturday 3rd July.  About 300 people were in attendance filling our church, some even sat in the church hall watching the service on the new video feed.  Andy Christofides gave the gospel and the service was followed by a hog roast prepared and served by our own members.  We just completed the church refurbishment and extension works the day before the induction service which was an added blessing to us.  We praise the Lord for his leading and guiding hand upon us and for His wonderful provision in giving us pastor raised up from our own fellowship.


Please follow this link to see photo's of the occasion.

Building Project Completed (Posted 10/07/2010)

The Church building project is now completed and we praise God for His goodness towards us.  Back in January the membership voted to proceed with an ambitious project to link the Church Hall with the Main Hall including the refurbishment of the entire main church annex.  Ambitious because planning permission had to be obtained and the work completed by our Pastors induction on the 3rd July.  It was a close call but finally completed the day before the induction service. 

 Much of the work was completed by volunteers from the church on evenings and Saturday mornings.  It was amazing to be part of such a dedicated team and we had wonderful times of fellowship together throughout the works.  There are so many jobs done as a labour of love it would be too big a list to name them all.  To name a few, we insulated and plaster boarded the main hall ceiling, re-covered the pews and decorated the entire project and cleared the land at the rear which was a mammoth project.

A big thank you for hall who helped and also to those who came to make tea, provided cakes and gave encouragement to the workers.  We now look to the Lord to use these premises to bring glory to Christ and pray that many who walk through the new entrance doors come to a saving knowledge of Christ.  The new church motto on our notice board is "To know Jesus and to make Him known" this is our prayer for us all as we occupy this new splendid building.

 To see photo's of the completed building works then please click this link. 



Youth Weekend Away (Posted 05/06/2010)

On Monday 31st May the youth and young at heart from Holbrooks returned from their annual weekend away at Squirrel Wood near Doncaster.  They had a blessed time with Simon Hook from East Sussex preaching God's Word.

They were joined by friends from Measham and also Frank Holmes Church near Doncaster.


Church Extension (Posted 03/05/2010)

Architectural view of finished link extensionArchitectural view of finished link extension

Next year we celebrate our church 100th anniversary, in readiness the church membership voted to build an extension and carry out extensive refurbishment works.  Back in January the church applied for planning permission to build a link extension between the main church and the church hall.  Planning permission was granted early in March and the work on site commenced shortly after.

The work involves a complete refurbishment of the existing church, as well as a link extension.  The main hall is having a new plastered ceiling with recessed lights, the pews are being recovered and a new audio visual system installed. The extension has a stainless steel curved roof with extensive aluminium curtain wall glazing system.  The car park is being re-laid and the land at the rear is being cleared ready to be grassed.

The church is undertaking much of the work themselves, working a number of evenings and on Saturday mornings.  We have thus far enjoyed a wonderful time of unity and fellowship together.  Meanwhile the congregation is meeting in the existing church hall and enjoying the change of scenery.  We are aiming to complete the work prior to our new pastor's induction on 3rd July.

Please pray for the safety of all involved, for our existing church to be able to function, for our financial needs and for us not to be so wrapped up in the building works that we neglect serving Christ as we ought. 

 Check out the latest photo's by clicking this link.

New Year Celebrations (Posted 02/01/2010)

New Years Day walk at Sutton ParkNew Years Day walk at Sutton Park

This year the home of Ralph and Janet was packed with friends and members from holbrooks to see in the new year.  On New Years Day many from the church met together for the traditional walk.  This year we all went to Sutton Park and walked approximately 6 miles, followed by food and fellowship at the home of Gary and Kim.  As we see in a new year we pray that we will be faithful to our Saviour, that we bring glory to the name of Christ and that He will be with us as a fellowship to shine in our local community for Him.  
Christmas at Holbrooks (Posted 02/01/2010)

The Children during the nativity serviceThe Children during the nativity service

This year we opened our church the Saturday before Christmas and welcomed in the public to have free mince pies, tea and coffee.  This was followed in the evening with carol singing over at the Somerfield car park across the way from our Church.  On the Sunday before Christmas the children took part in the service in the morning and in the evening we had a candle lit carol service.  Our own Pastor clearly gave the gospel at both our Christmas services.  The children took part again on Christmas day when Gwyn Owens was the speaker.

Baptism (Posted 02/01/2010)

Lisa was baptised outsideLisa was baptised outside

Lisa Hagan, one of our congregation  who is currently finalising her university studies in Worcester was recently baptised.   The service took place at Manor Park Evangelical Church in Worcester where Lisa attends while completing her studies.  Our own pastor Ben Holmes travelled to Worcester to baptise her. 

Ladies Conference (Posted 22/10/2009)

Jane McNabbJane McNabb

On Saturday 17th October Holbrooks hosted a ladies conference with Jane McNabb as the speaker.  130 ladies attended from churches all over the Midlands.  It was a blessed day with food and refreshments prepared by the men of the church and a bookshop provide by Bethel Evangelical Church -  Wigston.

A couple of photo's included below: 


Ladies conference 2009 (lday1.jpg) 

Ladies conference 2009 (lday3.jpg) 


Albania Camps (Posted 06/10/2009)

Albanian CampersAlbanian Campers

During the summer Shaun and Jennifer ran camps with excess of 200 people attending over a 3 week period.  They were very grateful for the support that came from a team from the UK as well as the co-operation of a number of Albanian Christians from the Gjirokaster and Memaliaj churches.  The first camp was held for 65 children and young teens from Tepelena, a town with a nominal Moslem tradition and no church.  The second camp was held for children and young teens from Gjirokaster, Libohova and Memaliaj.  The children from these three different towns mixed together very well with a program of sports, beach time, lessons, dramas and songs.  The lessons this year covered major Christian topics in the following order: Creation, Man, Sin, The Cross, Repentance, Prayer & Bible, and Eternity.  Nearly all of the children at camp are from non-church families.  Against the usual tradition this year the third camp was a family camp which was a great success and people are already asking to come again next year. Some non-Christian contacts participated at the family camp, which turned out to be quite positive. Three sisters who come to church, but have not been allowed to come to camp before, attended the family camp along with their father, who has never been to church.  He enjoyed it so much, he said he wished that he’d brought his wife too!

Thorpe Park Outing (Posted 03/10/2009)

Riding the rapidsRiding the rapids

On Saturday 3rd October 2009 the youth and some of the families in the church went to Thorpe Park just north of London.  We all had great fun on the rides and fellowship together whilst in the long queues.


Ladies Conference (Posted 28/09/2009)

Jane McNabbJane McNabb

On Saturday, 17th October we are holding a Ladies Conference between 10.30 and 3.30 pm (registration from 10.00 am). Our guest speaker is Jane McNabb and her subject is “Daylight at Midnight – lessons from Esther”.  Jane is married to Wesley who is the minister of Slade Evangelical Church, Plumstead, SE London and they have two children. 

Bethel Christian Bookshop, Wigston, Leicester have kindly agreed to bring a bookstall to the event which will give an opportunity to purchase books and a variety of other literature either for personal use or for gifts.   Jane has written a book on the book of Esther and this should be available on the bookstall.

There is no charge for the conference and refreshments and lunch will be provided during the day.  It would be appreciated if you are not booking through a church if you could contact us to let us know you are attending for catering purposes.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting ministry day.

Harvest (Posted 21/09/2009)

Some of the children celebrating harvestSome of the children celebrating harvest

On Sunday 20th September we celebrated harvest with Paul Bassett from Leicester as our guest speaker once again.  After the morning meeting we all sat down in the church hall and had a hot fellowship meal together.

Please click this link to see other Harvest photographs.

Cambridge Outing (Posted 14/09/2009)

On Saturday September 12th members and friends from the Church went on an outing to Cambridge.  We filled two coaches, we had great fun together, fellowship and enjoyed great weather.  We took in the historical sites, went shopping, had a picnic in the park, some went on a tour, some rode in open top buses and others enjoyed punting down the river.

Camp Canaan 2009 (Posted 31/08/2009)

The Camp SiteThe Camp Site

We have had a wonderful annual church camp this year which ran from 24th - 29th August 2009 in Talybont, North Wales.  Barry King from London ministered in the mornings on Christian guidance and Andy Christofides gave the gospel in the evenings using parables from the book of Luke.  Both were excellent and we truly had a blessed time.  This year was a bit different with just over 60 staying on site and 20 from Doncaster staying in an adjacent field and joining us during the day.  The food was great, the fellowship was fantastic and we all had great fun together. 


Holbrooks Has New Pastor (Posted 06/07/2009)

Ben, Liz, Leah, Chloe and ZakBen, Liz, Leah, Chloe and Zak

At a church members meeting on Monday 29th June 2009  Ben Holmes was voted in as our new pastor.  We are all excited, praising the Lord for His goodness and we are looking forward to his ministry amongst us.  Ben has still got a year to go in Bible college at LTS and will not be officially inducted until after he finishes his studies in June next year.  Meanwhile he will slowly ease into his new role here with his wife Liz and three children, Leah (6), Chloe (5) and Zak (2).

Please click this link for more information.

Sunday School Anniversary (Posted 19/06/2009)

The Children SingingThe Children Singing

The Sunday School had their special anniversary day on Sunday 14th June 2009.  Peter Allen from Leicester was the speaker and all of the children took part which was an encouragement to us all.
Youth Weekend Away (Posted 26/05/2009)

The Weekend Away GroupThe Weekend Away Group

The youth and young at heart from Hobrooks have been to Doncaster on a youth weekend away from Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May.  Matthew Jollie who is studying at London Theological Seminary was the speaker.  Back at Holbrooks a depleted congregation sat under the ministry of two Hobrooks members. Malcolm Poole in the morning and Steve Foxwell in the evening.  Please see the youth weekend away photo's by following this link.
Martyrs Memorial Services (posted 05/05/2009)

The Protestants Alliance held two Martyrs Memorial services in Coventry on Saturday 2nd May 2009. The first was held at the Martyrs Memorial in the centre of the ring road junction between New Union Street and Quinton Road. The second was held at our own church, Dr Stephen Scott-Pearson was the speaker.

Easter Witness (Posted 17/04/2009)

Easter at Holbrooks was a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with those in our local community.  We distributed 1500 invitations to homes in our neighbourhood and opened the church on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, inviting people in for free coffee, tea and hot cross buns.  Some went out on the street and to Somerfield inviting people in, others made the tea, coffee and hot cross buns and others chatted with the individuals who came in.  We had a wonderful weekend of ministry with our visiting speaker David Cartlege and it was great to see a number of visitors with us.  Please pray that we will be a light for Christ in a local area and that those we came into contact with will come to know and love our Saviour.

Evangelical Forum (Posted 19/03/2009)

On Wednesday 18th March 2009 Holbrooks held the local Evangelical forum meeting.  Philip Eveson the principal of the London Theological Seminary was the preacher and his subject was "The absence and the presence of God".  A good number were present both from our own church and other evangelical churches from Coventry and the surrounding area.  The meeting was followed by tea, coffee and further fellowship in the church hall. 

Shaun & Jennifer Holbrooks Letter (Posted 11/12/2008)

Dear Friends at Holbrooks,

I have a question for you: What do the Puritans, the JW’s and the Albanian Communist Party all have in common?  (Answer at the bottom of the page)

Albanian society seems to revolve around holidays and festivals much more than the British culture I was brought up in.  Weddings, for example, last for over four days in Albania.  Traditionally, things kick off on the Thursday afternoon and reach a finale in the early hours of Monday morning.  People in Albania just seem to enjoy getting together much more than at home, even if it is to sit and talk and ply each other with sickly sweet cakes and drinks. 

Christmas is seen by most Albanians as a cultural badge for being European.  Even though geographically they are quite near the centre, Albanians have been separated culturally for hundreds of years (due to the Turkish conquest and Communism) and feel like they need to reconnect, so even many nominally Moslem Albanians celebrate Christmas, which creates an excellent opportunity for talking to people about Christ and inviting them to church activities.

There is much to be said for making the most use of the cultural stage that we find ourselves standing on.  The Apostle Paul’s address to the Athenians at the foot of the Acropolis, which began with the words, “I saw an altar to the unknown God” is a good example of this.

We are Christians after all!  And the people around us know that we are Christians.  So they are not surprised or shocked if we take the opportunity of Christmas to talk to them about our faith in Christ.  When done in a winsome way, I am often surprised at the willingness people show to listen to the gospel during the Christmas season, while at other times they do not.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to say that we just printed 7500 gospel newspapers in Albanian with a Christmas theme, which we are going to start giving out this week.  Along with the Christmas newspapers we’ll also be distributing 5000 gospel calendars.  Other Christmas activities are also being planned for church, youth and children’s groups.  In fact, I wish I could be in 10 places at once on Christmas day to make the most of every opportunity to share the wonderful news that Christ our Saviour was born in Bethlehem!

I trust you each have a worthwhile Christmas – and thank you for praying for us to have a fruitful Christmas season in Albania.

Shaun Thompson - Gjirokaster.

[The answer is that they each did away with Christmas.  The Puritans abolished Christmas from the church calendar during the Cromwellian period, the JW’s dropped it sometime in the 1950’s? and the Albanian Communists made it illegal in 1967.  To be sure, their motives varied as much as did their philosophies from one another but it’s true that they were each anti-Christmas.  Not so I.  Give me a stage  on which to declare the gospel!]

Ladies Conference (Posted 03/12/2008)

Julia JonesJulia Jones

On Saturday, 22nd November we held a Ladies Conference at the church.  Our guest speaker was Julia Jones from Liverpool and her topic was “Let your light shine”.   Julia, with the help of her excellent workbook, took us through all the different aspects of being a witness to others and sharing our faith. 

The introduction was to encourage us all to focus on our great God and His love for us in sending Jesus to die for our sins.  There was then opportunity to go back to the time we became Christians and to share our testimony with one of the other ladies at the conference.  As we went through the day we covered topics on “What is the gospel”, “Recognising your network”, “Preparing the ground”, “Ambassadors work”, “Ideas for bridge building” and “Planning outreach”.  The conclusion focused on “This is our destiny” as we meditated on having a faith worth sharing, were given a glimpse of heaven and saw our responsibility and joy in being ambassadors. 

The event was attended by approximately 30 ladies from our own fellowship and 40 ladies from 9 other fellowships. The men of the church prepared an excellent buffet lunch and served refreshments prior to the event starting and between the two morning sessions.  We were also delighted to have a bookstall at the event which was provided by Bethel Evangelical Church Wigston. 

The conference was designed to both motivate and equip women to share their faith. I am sure this aim was achieved as we were all encouraged, challenged and excited by this very practical and inspiring conference.

Recent Events (Posted 17/11/2008)

Choir anniversary, sledging at Snow Dome, Bonfire night and the Camp Canaan 2008 reunion.  On 11th and 12th of October the choir had their anniversary with Andrew Taylor as their speaker.  On 25th October the Bible class together with a few friends went to the Snow Dome in Tamworth for indoor sledging, we all had a great time.  On Friday 7th November the youth arranged a bonfire and fireworks party at the home of Ralph and Janet May.  At least 130 attended and a wonderful opportunity to reach out to friends.  On 14th November we had the camp reunion, about 60 attended with a good number coming from Doncaster to watch well presented DVD produced by Matthew Bentham, followed by good food and fellowship.

Harvest Meal (Posted 29/09/2008)

The Harvest with some of the younger church childrenThe Harvest with some of the younger church children

On Sunday 28th September we celebrated harvest with Paul Bassett from Leicester as our guest speaker.  After the morning meeting we all had a cooked roast dinner together.  We enjoyed lovely fellowship together, a big thanks to the catering team for doing such a wonderful job.

Golden Wedding (Posted 27/09/2008)

Gordon & Audrey cut their cakeGordon & Audrey cut their cake

Congratulations to Gordon and Audrey Malpass who recently celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary.  The fellowship joined them in giving thanks, enjoying good food and the company of a few old friends after a Sunday evening service earlier this month.
Church Hall Refurbishment (Posted 20/09/2008)

Main Hall DecorationMain Hall Decoration

The Church Hall is currently being refurbished.  The toilets have already been totally overhauled, windows replaced, new lighting and new doors inside and out.  Members and friends are redecorating the building between Saturday 20th and Saturday 27th September 2008.  All that will be left is new carpets and chairs.

You can see photo's of the decorating workers in action by clicking this link.

Church Outing (Posted 20/09/2008)


On Saturday 6th September members and friends filled a double decker coach for a church outing to Weston-super-mare.  The day ended with a fellowship tea with friends at Bethesda Evangelical Church.

Camp Canaan (Posted 01/09/2008)

The SlideThe Slide

From Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd August 73 of us camped in Talybont.  It was our 19th consecutive camp and we had a wonderful time together.  We had great food, good fun, lovely fellowship and challenging ministry.  Robert Owens from Caersalem and Ben Holmes from our own fellowship were the speakers this year.

Royal Show (Posted 19/07/08)

Between the 2nd and 5th July 2008 Louis Brooker, Jonathan Tosh and Mike Brown all helped out on the Royal Show witness team.  They all had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in spreading the gospel of Christ.

Youth Weekend (Posted 02/07/08)
The youth of Holbrooks celebrated their anniversary from 27th to 29th June 2008.  It all started on the Friday night with Volleyball with friends from Bethel (Wigston) followed by cycling at Pitsford Water on Saturday.  Daffyd Taylor from South Wales was the speaker for the weekend.  He gave his testimony on Friday and preached both on Saturday and Sunday clearly presenting the gospel.
Sunday School Weekend (Posted 16/06/2008)

On Saturday and Sunday the 14th and 15th of June the Sunday School celebrated their anniversary.   The weekend started with a trip to Bedworth swimming baths exclusively hired out to the Holbrooks.  Children and parents of the Sunday School came together with members of the Bible Class.  The fun was followed by food in the cafeteria.

 Sunday School Anni (IMGP0931.jpg)


On Sunday the Children all took part during the morning service, the singing was terrific and Selwyn Morgan was our speaker for the day.


Sunday School Anni (IMGP0938.jpg)

Youth Weekend Away (Posted - 26/05/2008)

The youth and young at heart of Holbrooks have just returned from their weekend away 23rd to 26th May 2008.  The weekend was based at Squirrel Wood near Doncaster and Robert Owens from Wales was this years speaker.  Friends joined us from Measham, Doncaster and from other regions too.  It was a wonderful opportunity for fun, fellowship and the preaching of God's Word.  On Sunday we were joined by the members of The Rock of Ages Evangelical Church.

Youth Trip (Posted 17/04/2008)

Daniel & Tom on StealthDaniel & Tom on Stealth

On Saturday 13th April 2008 the youth and the young at heart went on a day trip to Thorpe Park near London.  Whilst the youngsters and the faint hearted went on the tame rides the brave faced up to the challenge of the thrill rides.  Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Detonator and the mighty Stealth 0 to 80 MPH in under 2 seconds.  We had great fun and fellowship together.  Our prayer is that the youth at Holbrooks will be just as enthusiastic about Christ, Prayer and the Bible.  Although extreme thrill rides are great fun for the body our desire is for each to meaningfully sing "All that thrills my soul is Jesus"!

Ladies Anniversary (Posted 15/03/2008)

On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March 2008 we had our Ladies Anniversary weekend in celebration of their work amongst women over many years at Holbrooks .  Maurice Nicholls was our speaker and a number of our Ladies took part by reading and singing.  It was particularly encouraging when over 80 people attended our Saturday evening service. 

Youth Meal (Posted 21/01/2008)

All the youth on one long table this yearAll the youth on one long table this year

The young people enjoyed their yearly candlelit meal together in the church hall on Saturday 19th January.  It was open to anyone of any age who has been involved with the youth work or has attended the youth meeting and events over the past year.  This year 28 enjoyed a delicious 5 course meal and the young people wish to thank all on the catering team who did such a wonderful job.  Great fellowship at the meal was followed by fun and games organised by Matthew Bentham. 
New Year Party (Posted 01/01/2008)

A few at the New Year partyA few at the New Year party

About 50 of us went to the home of Ralph & Janet May to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.  We had games for both the children and the adults.  We had lots of great food and fellowship together.  It was good to be amongst dear bothers and sisters in Christ and to pray together on the stroke of midnight for His blessing upon us during 2008.
Christmas Services (Posted 17/12/2007)

The Sunday School NativityThe Sunday School Nativity

On Sunday 16th December we had our Nativity and Carol services.  The sunday school children took part at our nativity service in the morning and in the evening the young people sang 2 pieces.  Matt Everton from South Wales was our speaker at both services. 

Seniors Meal (Posted 29/11/2007)

Some of the Youth WaitersSome of the Youth Waiters

On Saturday 24th November the young people of the church cooked a meal for the older generation of our church.  Some prepared the meal, others set the tables, some served the meal and other young people washed and dried up.  The meal was followed by a meeting when our youth leader Ben Holmes preached.  A big thank you to all the young people for all their hard work!
November News (Posted 19/11/2007)

A busy month with bonfire night, a camp reunion, tobogganing and Christianity Explored. 

On Saturday November 3rd we all celebrated bonfire night at the home of Ralph and Janet May with great food and fire works.  Well over 100 people came, many from our mums and tots group attended too.

On Friday 16th November we had our camp reunion.  We watched a well produced DVD by Matthew Bentham, had a quiz and yet more food.  The highlight of the evening was Tom Brooker who was still able to say all 5 of his camp memory verses almost word perfect.  It was great to see the Doncaster campers and also Luke Jenner who was one of  this years speakers.

On Saturday 17th November many from the church went to the Snow Dome tobogganing which was organised by the Bible Class.  We all had great fun flying down the slopes followed by a trip to McDonalds.

Our second Christianity Explored Course has now finished.  This was well attended and it was such a privilege for us to be involved with.


Christianity Explored (Posted 03/11/2007)

Explorers Study GuideExplorers Study Guide

This years Christianity Explored course only has a few weeks to run.  As with last year we are amazed at the numbers coming.  It has been such a blessing and encouragement to us being able to be part of speading the gospel of Christ.  Please pray that the explorers will come to a saving knowledge of Christ and go on with Him over the coming weeks and months.

Harvest Meal (Posted 01/10/2007)

Some of the church children in front of the harvest tableSome of the church children in front of the harvest table

On Sunday 30th September we celebrated harvest with a meal together in the church hall.  Rev Paul Bassett from Leicester was our guest  speaker for the day and the church was decorated for the occasion.  After the morning service 85 of us sat together for a cooked meal and a chance for friendship and further fellowship. 

Harvest 2007 (Harvest.jpg)

The Mumbles (Posted 18/09/2007)

Robert, Sian, Ffyon and MorganRobert, Sian, Ffyon and Morgan

On Saturday, 15th September, Robert Owens was inducted into the ministry of Caersalem Evangelical Free Church, Gorseinon, South Wales.

Robert, who is the son of members of Holbrooks Evangelical Church, became a Christian when he was twelve years old.  He later went to Bryntirion Bible College and then entered the ministry.  Robert, together with his wife Sian and two children, Ffyon and Morgan moved to Swansea during the latter part of last year and subsequently this year was invited to be the pastor at Caersalem.

A coach took a large group of members and friends to Gorseinon to share in this special day in the life of Robert, his family and the church.   Prior to the service the group went to The Mumbles, which is just a few miles from the church where they enjoyed the sunshine, the sea views and ice creams!

It was good to share in this day with Robert and his family and also get to know the fellowship at Caersalem who welcomed us so warmly. 

Robert Owens (Induction-Robert Owens 006.jpg)
Members of HEC outside the Church at Caersalem
Church Outing (Posted 11/09/2007)

York CathedralYork Cathedral

On Saturday 8th September many of us met at our church in Holbrooks at 8.30am ready to enjoy fellowship together on a coach trip to York.  Everyone enjoyed York, visiting the famous cathedral, various museums and the shops.  On the way back the coach stopped at Doncaster where we enjoyed fellowship with the members of Rock of Ages Evangelical Church on the land of their future church building site.  We eventually arrived back exhausted at 10pm after a really refreshing enjoyable day socialising with the people of God.  


York Trip (Doncaster.JPG)
Camp Canaan (Posted 27/08/2007)

The Camp Site at NightThe Camp Site at Night

Many have just arrived back from Camp Canaan 2007 held at Talybont near Barmouth in North Wales.  The camp was held from Monday 20th to Saturday 25th August 2007 with 72 staying on site and 6 others staying nearby.

We had excellent weather, fun, fellowship and ministry.  Joseph Pettitt who recently graduated from the London Theological Seminary preached 5 times in the evening following a theme on "tough questions" clearly presenting the gospel.  Luke Jenner also a LTS graduate preached 4 times in the mornings around a theme of "Royal Psalms" which was both a challenge and encouraging to believers.

Please pray that the seed which was sown will bring forth fruit.

Youth Weekend (Posted 02/07/2007)

On Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July the youth of our church had their annual youth weekend.  Tim Payne from Swansea preached at the Friday night youth meeting, at our special Saturday meeting and again on Sunday.  He was young, direct and very challenging and we were blessed under his ministry.  On Saturday the youth had planned a cycle ride around Pitsford Water but with bad weather in abundance the alternative was swimming at Solihull.  Please pray for the work with our young people, for souls to be saved and for growth and spiritual maturity in the lives of those who have already made commitments. 

Over 60's Party Posted (30/06/2007)

Tom Davies leading the wayTom Davies leading the way

On Saturday 23rd June 2007 an outdoor party was arranged for those over 60 at Holbrooks Evangelical Church.  Around 30 gathered at the Home of Ralph and Janet May for fellowship, outdoor games, food and even pass the parcel.

Sunday School Anniversary (Posted 18/06/2007)

The Children SingingThe Children Singing

On Sunday 17th June we had our Sunday School Anniversary service with Edward Evans from Pembroke as our visiting preacher.  All the children took part at the front singing, reciting and narrating.
Church Anniversary (Posted 15/06/2007)
On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June we celebrated our 96th church anniversary with Martyn Owens as our visiting speaker.  The Saturday service was followed by good food and fellowship.  We praise God for His hand upon our fellowship through the generations.  We pray that He will continue to be with us and enable us to shine as a light for Him in our community.
Youth Weekend Away (Posted 30/05/2007)

The Youth Away at DoncasterThe Youth Away at Doncaster

On Friday 25th May the youth went away on their annual weekend to Squirrel Wood near Doncaster.  Nigel Graham from the London Theological Seminary preached on the theme of "Important Questions" including:

What is a Christian?

Are you a Christian?

How do you become a Christian? 

Over 45 people from Holbrooks went and although officially the weekend is for the youth of the church traditionally just about anyone attends up to the age of 50 and beyond.  It was a time of wonderful fellowship a time of fun together and a time for good solid ministry.  Matthew Bentham organised an outdoor fun session, there was a trip to the beach at Cleethorpes and the congregation from the local FIEC Rock of Ages Evangelical Church joined them at both Sunday services.  Back at Holbrooks we enjoyed a quiet Sunday with Ray Nash preaching at both services.  Everyone arrived back on Monday 28th May spiritually refreshed but physically exhausted.

Tom Davies 100yrs (Posted 07/05/2007)

Tom DaviesTom Davies

On Sunday 6th May 2007 we celebrated Tom Davies 100th birthday.  The church was full with friends and family to hear the male voice choir and Selwyn Morgan preach.  The service was followed by a buffet styled lunch when about 120 of us ate and had fellowship together.  The hall was decorated with balloons and banners, the children presented Tom with a photo card they had made and naturally we all sang happy birthday with great gusto. 

Alan & Kath Golden Wedding (Posted 28/04/2007)

Alan & Kath Flindall cutting their cakeAlan & Kath Flindall cutting their cake

Congratuations to Alan & Kath Who celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary recently.  The fellowship enjoyed a supper together after our Sunday service on 1st April.
Ladies Anniversary (Posted February 2007)
The ladies have had their annual weekend anniversary services when the Rev Paul Watts ministered to us.  The weekend began on Saturday 3rd March at 7.00pm and continued on Sunday at 11.00am and 6.30pm.  We give thanks to our Lord for the work of the Ladies Fellowship every tuesday.  The ladies took part in reading the Bible, prayer and in song.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship together. 
Youth Meal (Posted January 2007)

Youth MealYouth Meal

The young people and the young at heart enjoyed their yearly meal together in the church hall on Saturday 27th January.  It was open to anyone of any age who has been involved with the youth work or has attended the youth meeting and events over the past year.  About 30 enjoyed a delicious 5 course meal and the young people wish to thank all on the catering team who did such a wonderful job.  Superb fellowship at the meal was followed by fun and games organised by Matthew Bentham. 
New Year Walk (Posted January 2007)

Draycote waterDraycote water

At 10am New Years Day about 50 of us met for a traditional walk.  This year we walked about 5 miles around Draycote Water in Warwickshire.  All ages were represented and we again enjoyed good fellowship and fun together.  Afterwards most enjoyed a cooked meal at the home of the Brooker family again.

New Years Eve (Posted January 2007)

New Years GatheringNew Years Gathering

Over 50 people from the fellowship gathered on New Years Eve to usher in the New Year together.   Gary and Kim Brooker graciously opened their home, we enjoyed good food, fun and most of all wonderful fellowship together.  We give thanks for God's hand upon us here at Holbrooks over the last year and we look to Him to work amongst us during 2007.  We pray that He will use us in this community and that we will humbly serve Him.  We pray that no human personality here will be exalted amongst us as we want to exalt the name and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Children's Nativity (Posted December 2006)

Childen's NativityChilden's Nativity

We have had our special children's nativity on Sunday 17th December.  There was lots of vistors and Ben Holmes clearly gave the gospel.  Daniel and Sasha were the narrators, the children took part in singing and in reciting Scriptures.  Hayley also did a wonderful solo. 
Mums & Tots Party (Posted December 2006)

Christmas PartyChristmas Party

The Mums & Tots Christmas party went well with about 25 chidren and even more adults.  Each child was given a present and we hired a bouncy castle.
Seniors Christmas Meal (Posted November 2006)
On Saturday 25th November 2006 we had a Christmas meal for seniors of the church.  This is an annual event when the young people prepare, cook and serve a meal to the older generation within our church.  This year there was over 40 in attendance at the meal followed by a special meeting when Ben Holmes from our own fellowship preached. 
Camp Reunion (Posted November 2006)

We had a Camp Canaan reunion on Friday 17th November 2006.  Matthew Bentham once again did an excellent job of producing a DVD, there was plenty of time to reminisce, a quiz, and we were tested on the camp memory verses.  The meeting ended with pizza and doughnuts.  If you are considering coming to our camp next year then please see the camp information page and Nigel for further information.

Explorers Continue (Posted November 2006)

Our first Christianity Explored course has now finished.  We have much to praise God for with 27 explorers attending with none dropping out.  Some have expressed a desire to continue so we have arranged additional studies for them over a cup of coffee in the church hall.  Please pray God will continue to work.

Ladies Conference (Posted November 2006)

On Saturday 11th November 2006 we hosted a "FIEC Bible Churches Together" ladies conference.  The guest speaker was Ann Benton and over a 100 women from the midlands region attended.  There was a good book stall and the men of the church prepared and served lunch. 

Christianity Explored Begins (Posted September 2006)

Our first ever Christianity Explored course has begun.  The evening started with a meal when the table leaders were able to get to know the candidates.  This was followed by an introduction to the course, each candidate was given their own Bible as well as the course notes.  The Christianity Explored DVD was shown followed by table group discussion.  There was a real buzz in the air, lots of enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy.  Please pray that Christ will be glorified and that through Him those coming will find salvation.

The Molesky's go home (Posted September 2006)

The Molesky Family at Camp CanaanThe Molesky Family at Camp Canaan

On Tuesday 19th September the Molesky family boarded a Virgin Atlantic plane to return to their home in Florida.  We have been truly blessed with wonderful fellowship, friendship and ministry over the past 5 weeks.    Matthew has had a busy schedule speaking, preaching and teaching over 20 times at various meetings.  We have been amazed at their love and commitment towards us and are thankful to the Lord for the opportunity for them to come and minister to us.  

Church Outing (Posted September 2006)

Group 3 at The Castle Mound - BedfordGroup 3 at The Castle Mound - Bedford

On Saturday 9th September about 70 of us went on a church outing to Bedford and Olney.  First stop was Bedford where we were split into 3 groups whilst we visited John Bunyan's church, museum and the castle mound followed by a trip to Elstow. We had a representative from the Protestants Truth Alliance who gave us a guided tour of these places giving us background information about each one.  Next it was off to Olney where some went  to John Newton's first church and others visited William Cowper's museum.  We had a lovely day and great fellowship together.

Ministry from USA (Posted August 2006)

Matthew MoleskyMatthew Molesky

From 16th August to 19th September 2006 we have Matthew Molesky and his family serving amongst us as a short term missionary. Matthew has spent 6 years at Bethlehem Baptist church in Minneapolis, the latter 3 years as an apprentice of John Piper graduating from their seminary program last year. He is currently part of Vision USA based in Florida serving as a pastor and teacher. He has a desire to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. He and his family are serving in our church for a month, Matthew is speaking at our church summer camp and taking a number of our own meetings including our youth weekend. He comes with his wife Susan, Colton (10), Isabella (8), Ezra (2) and Nehemiah (3 months).